Practical Course

One Day Course

Designed once again for those who may not be in a position to attend college but who would like to understand what goes into creating a shop window or interior display.  The course covers the basic guidelines of display styling – layout, balance, space, focal points, flow and colour – but principally grouping. We mention props, lighting and interiors but not in as much depth as the online course. Part of the day is classroom style with an inspiring presentation of slides which is punctuated with examples and presentations too. With practical exercises during the day students will hone their basic grouping skills – the foundations on which most good displays are built.

Ideal if you need help deciding whether Visual Merchandising is the career for you, or if you have your own shop or business, or just want a fun day out to learn something different.


“Absolutely brilliant course – I would highly recommend it to others!”

“Very inspirational and motivational. Every Small business owner should attend one of these workshops.”

“I would recommend this Practical Course to businesses and retailers who are looking at ways to improve their footfall.”


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Certified by the British Display Society’