BDS Welcome a new Director

At the last Executive Council Meeting of The British Display Society, Iain Kimmins was duly elected a Director of The British Display Society.
Mr Alan Springall (Chairman) welcomed him onto the team.

“After 23 years in the Visual Merchandising industry this is a great honour !”

BDS at Farrington’s Career Fair

The British Display Society showcased the importance of retail display to promote sales in the High Street and beyond. Online courses are available to give students the correct training and guidance for this profession to steer them into a world of creativity.

To find out more please visit BDS Online Distance Learning.

Practical Courses have arrived!

One Day Course

Designed  for those who may not be in a position to attend college but who would like to understand what goes into creating a shop window or interior display.  The course covers the basic guidelines of display styling – layout, balance, space, focal points, flow and colour – but principally grouping. We mention props, lighting and interiors but not in as much depth as the online course. Part of the day is classroom style with an inspiring presentation of slides which is punctuated with examples and presentations too. With practical exercises during the day students will hone their basic grouping skills – the foundations on which most good displays are built.Ideal if you need help deciding whether Visual Merchandising is the career for you, or if you have your own shop or business, or just want a fun day out to learn something different

YORK      June 14th £200  BOOK      LONDON  July 20th £250  BOOK

VM & Display Show 2017

VM & Display Show 2017

The VM and Display Show is the longest running exhibition for the industry – and we were exhibiting again.

Whether you are a retailer, designer, in the leisure and entertainment industry or in fact use visual merchandising to promote your products or services in any way, this Show is a must visit for everyone involved and we are looking forward to 2018 already! The Show covers everything within visual merchandising and display from Mannequins, Print, Christmas Decorations, Display Services, Props, Design, Graphics, Bust Forms, POP, Lighting, Fabrics and everything in between without forgetting training.

To find out more visit their website and see the highlights!

The BDS at the Confederation of British Industry 2015

President-Cliff-Messiter-FBDSThe Global Ambition Annual Conference of the CBI was held at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London. Our new President of the BDS Cliff Messiter FBDS and Vice Chairman Barry Daish FBDS were in attendance, over 1000 delegates were gathered plus world TV and a host of British industry CEO’s. A number of speakers including the PM David Cameron MP plus Nicky Morgan MP, who is the Secretary of State and Minster for women and Equalities gave that extra gravitas to the event.
The British Display Society’s concerns in recent years regarding educational skills or vocational qualifications in the work place, an overwhelming need for “skills qualifications’’ for VM in recent years is part of the BDS remit. Discussed at the CBI conference by many speakers is the need for the educational authorities within schools is to provide those qualifications needed for jobs in the real world.
The so called apprenticeships will be largely funded by industry with levies on Industry employers which is all very well but the need to also provide a skills based programme within schools prior to students leaving is something that needs to be addressed now. This would be either for the Vice-Chairman-Barry.R.A.Daish-FBDShigher education options or apprenticeships but still leaves a major gap for those who have no financial backup or lack the correct qualifications.
The conference put together a question and answer section with speakers from industry and politics, Claire Williams from the F1 racing team, Dave Lewis the new group Tesco Chief Executive to name just two who answered many questions relating to those business’s.
Our attendance at the CBI conference signifies the CBI’s desire to promote the BDS within our industry and its educational members, we need to push forward with our programme of innovation for the future of the BDS. This year our networking, new website and a more substantial BDS Executive Committee must use the CBI to self promote as well as let everyone know the BDS is open for business. Using our BDS online distant learning, BDS Practical programme plus involving many Display companies and individuals with the BDS Approval Scheme must be tools used to generate a financial backing which will allow the BDS to expand to include so much more in the way of services we provide.
The BDS President Cliff Messiter FBDS and Vice Chairman Barry Daish FBDS were invited to a CBI VIP reception after the main event where we chatted to many delegates including the CBI President Paul Drechsler, a selection of canapés sweet and savoury were provided with a list of fine wines and spirits. As the evening drew to a close we made our way via Taxi to Fenchurch Street station reflecting on our wonderful and productive day at the CBI Annual Conference 2015.

If you would like to support the BDS and also be involved with the CBI either via networking online or attending the many events held by the CBI then contact the BDS today .

You must be a member of the BDS.

Vice Chairman Barry R.A. Daish FBDS

BDS joins CBI

cbi_logoMembership of the CBI means the BDS is part of the UK’s premier business community giving us access to a network of 190,000 business and education sectors across the UK. The CBI brings together likeminded individuals and business experts with a CBI team committed to keeping business interests at the heart of government.