As the designatory awarding body for the Display /P.O.S./ Exhibition Design fields of practice we can enhance your professional standing in the industry by the granting of a designatory affix that acknowledges your professionalism.

The grades of the BDS designatory awards are CERT BDS, ProDip.BDS, LBDS (Licentiate), ABDS (Associate), and FBDS (Fellow). Such a valuable distinction would mark your experience, skill and standing within the field of design practice. If you feel that you deserve recognition by the awarding of an affix (CERT.BDS, ProDip.BDS, LBDS, ABDS, FBDS) then apply to the BDS secretary for full details and a relevant application form.

Choose the Affix that is most appropriate for you (Click on dot to expand description);

Member of the BDS (MBDS)

MBDS – Open to those students studying VM/Design at either a college or those studying the BDS Distant VM course. (Fee £20 pa)


Associateship (ABDS)

Associate Membership is open to those working within the Design/Visual Merchandising industry. (Fee £40 pa or £20 pa if retired)

Licentiateship (LBDS)

LBDS recognition is open to those who have been actively engaged in the delivery of design courses, as distinct from those engaged in commercial practice, for a minimum of three years. (Fee £40 pa or £20 pa if retired)


Fellowship (FBDS)

FBDS recognition is open to all those who have held Licentiateship (LBDS) or Associateship (ABDS) for a minimum period of three years, plus submission of folio of work and sponsorship by two fellows of the Society. (Fee £60 pa or £30 if retired)



CERT.BDS recognition is open to those who have successfully completed a VM and approved alternative course of design studies.
(Fee £20 pa)



ProDip.BDS recognition is open to students that have graduated from a BDS approved degree level course. (Fee £20 pa)